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These photos have all been submitted to Pelican Bay Lighthouse Co. by friends and supporters.  Please feel free to enjoy them, but please honor the copyrights for them.  If you have pictures you want to see posted here, feel free to email us at Pelican Bay Lighthouse Co.    This section is new, and there are many pics yet to be posted, so check back often.

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  Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  2 good camera shots here
  Fox's Lobster House
  Cape Neddick (The Nubble), Maine
  Friday Harbor Cam, Washington
  From San Juan Islands, WA
  Granite Island Light, Michigan
  4 great webcam shots here.
  Lake Michigan Cam
  View of Lake Michigan (daylight only)
  Lewes Ferry Cam, Delaware
  Rehoboth Beach also available here.
  Mendota Lighthouse, Michigan
  A good view of Lake Superior.
  Nantucket Live Cams, Massachusetts
  Nantucket Harbor, etc.
  Ocracoke, North Carolina
  (Temporarily down)
  New Dungeness Light Station Webcams
 2 good webcams going here.
  Wright Gallery, Cape Porpoise Webcam
  Cape Porpoise, Maine
  St. Johns, Newfoundland, NTV Webcam
  Views of St. Johns and the harbor
  Hilton Head Lighthouse Webcam
  View from the Harbourtown Lighthouse
  Goat Island Lighthouse Webcam
  View at the Goat Island Lighthouse
  Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine
  View from the lighthouse at Portland Head
  Gloucester Harbor, Massachussetts
  Enjoy a view of the harbor activity
  Eagle Harbor, Michigan Webcam
  Good view of  Eagle Harbor
  St. Joseph, Michigan Webcam
  Look out at the pier with the lights
  Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, Maine
  The lighthouse at Rockland Breakwater
  Camden Harbor, Maine
  A view of Camden Harbor
  Great Lakes Lighthouse Webcams
  8 views: Chicago, Toledo, Muskegon, etc
  Fredericton, NB, Canada
  A view from the lighthouse at Fredericton
  Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, Melbourne
  Lighthouse at Melbourne, Australia
  Eagle Cam
  Not a lighthouse, but interesting

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